How to tame raptors in Fortnite

tame raptors fortnite
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Fortnite season 6 has introduced a ton of new animals for players to battle and tame, including boars and wolves. The most recent addition takes things all the way back to the Jurassic era. Deadly raptors now wander the Fortnite island, threatening to ruin your perfect streak of eliminations. Thankfully, like any other animal, they can be tamed with the right combination of resources and luck.

Don't try to pull an Owen Grady without knowing what you need first, though. Thankfully, we've done the research for you. Here's where you can find a raptor in Fortnite, and how to tame them when you do.

Where to find raptors in Fortnite

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Raptors can theoretically be found almost anywhere on the map, primarily in non-urban settings, but in our experience, they tend to congregate in bigger clusters through Weeping Woods and perhaps close to Boney Burbs. We've seen other folks say they can also be found west of Misty Meadows and near or in Stealthy Stronghold.

How to tame raptors

Like any other animal in Fortnite, there are two main ways to tame a raptor.

Option 1: Craft a Hunter's Cloak (2 animal bones + 1 meat), which allows you to get up close to animals who would normally attack you. Then simply approach a raptor and press the interact button. Do it fast enough and you should be able to tame the raptor, which will follow you around as an ally.

Option 2: Gather one piece of meat from any eliminated animal, then approach a raptor without it seeing you. Throw the meat near it and hide. Then when the raptor is distracted by the meat, run up and use the interact button. If you do it fast enough the raptor will become tame, but if you fail the raptor will become hostile immediately.

Pictured: A horrible mistake being made. (Image credit: Epic Games)

That's pretty much all you need to know about raptors in Fortnite. If you feel brave, they can be excellent allies in a fight, but they're equally as powerful as wolves and boars, if not more so. So they're very tough foes if you're fighting more than one.

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