How to get the Overclocked Pulse Rifle in Fortnite

Fortnite's Overlcocked Pulse Rifle
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There are a lot of powerful weapons in Fortnite, but the Overclocked Pulse Rifle in Fortnite Chapter 4 season 2 breaches a new tier of untold destruction. This mythic rifle is up for grabs and can obliterate foes in seconds—maybe too few seconds, as players are already finding—with absurd damage and a bonkers rate of fire. We've got you covered on where to find the fabled Overclocked Pulse Rifle.

Overclocked Pulse Rifle location

You'll find the Overclocked Pulse Rifle on top of the menacing, floating Loot Lake Island. This season of Fortnite has re-introduced an old classic: the elusive, loot-filled island in the sky. You will need to brave the storm in order to pick up the new mythic weapon, as that's the only way to find the Loot Island. Here's the tricky part: Loot Island spawns at a random location at the fourth iteration of the circle, so there's no telling where it'll be. Once it spawns, bolt over to its waypoint and ascend to the top. Whoever captures the point on top will be granted the Overclocked Pulse Rifle and a plethora of other weapons too.

There aren't too many strategies to guarantee you'll grab this overpowered gun, but there are a few ways you can raise your odds: Playing safe in the early game and stocking up on vehicle augments so you can put the gas on it and get to Loot Island the fastest; drop with a squad so you can capture the point on top faster (just beware that other squads will be thinking the same thing); or you could pick up movement-augmenting weapons and items like a bounce from impulse grenades or chaining dashes with the new Kinetic blade. 

If all else fails, you still have a chance! With Loot Island's location spawn odds being completely random, you'll find your golden opportunity eventually (even if it takes a little while longer). The Overclocked Pulse Rifle is beyond worth it once you get to it.

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