How to use a Junk Rift in Wreck Ravine or Rocky Wreckage in Fortnite

Fortnite Junk Rift - Dropping a dinosaur on another player
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In this week's Fortnite challenges, you're going to be using Junk Rifts to add more random trash to some of the island's areas, namely Wreck Ravine or Rocky Wreckage. While not quite as simple as getting inside the Cuddle Team Leader head and dancing, this challenge shouldn't take too much time, since it's basically about grabbing a specific item and finding where to use it.

Junk Rifts are a lot of fun, though, spawning random giant objects that fall from the sky and crush anyone or anything that happens to be underneath. In this Junk Rift challenge guide, I'll explain how to get the junk jars you need, and where to hurl them.

How to get a Junk Rift 

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Junk Rifts look like jars with rockets strapped to them, and once you throw one, it'll create a car or even a dinosaur which will flatten whatever happens to be in proximity. You can find these items as floor loot or in supply chests including the ones around Rocky Wreckage, so don't worry about farming up loads before you head to either location. If you need some around Wreck Ravine, you might want to try the gas station to the east of it. 

Where to find Wreck Ravine and Rocky Wreckage 

If you select to track the weekly quest in the quests menu, it'll give you the location of both Wreck Ravine and Rocky Wreckage. The first is west of Logjam Junction and the gas station, north past the Rave Cave. Rocky Wreckage, on the other hand, is near the centre of the island, to the west of Rocky Reels. 

Either location is pretty easy to find since they are both essentially junk piles. If you're tracking the quest you can tag either with a visible waypoint when you drop in. You can also use one of the handy Fortnite interactive maps that displays weekly quests, such as

Once you get to either, you just need to pull out your Junk Rift and throw it on the ground nearby. As mentioned, this will spawn some big falling object above that location, so don't stand nearby and accidentally get crushed, which totally didn't happen to me. Do that at either location and you'll get that 15,000 XP from the weekly quest.

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