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Fortnite glitch seems to reveal a fully-functioning first-person mode

(Image credit: Epic Games)

As usually seems to be the case in Fortnite, some weird stuff is going down. James and Joseph wrote about the ongoing Device event earlier today, and it involves a lot of water: instead of a purple electric storm there's a towering water wall of biblical proportions. Also: electricity. Also: sudden inexplicable teleportations into a drab office environment.

Make of all that what you will, but the event has apparently introduced an interesting glitch. It's hard to tell how widespread it is, but at least one player has glitched into a fully-fledged, fully-playable first-person mode. 

To clarify: This isn't the existing Save The World first-person mode, which lacks weapon models and isn't designed to be used for actual combat. This glitch features weapon models and animations that seem purpose-built for a first-person mode. Check it out in the tweet embedded below.

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Does this signal an impending Fortnite battle royale first-person mode? It's hard to imagine some of the ridiculous high-speed building shenanigans working in first-person, but given how often Epic shakes things up, nothing seems to be off the table.

Cheers, Gamesradar. 

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