Fortnite disables hurdling after it keeps launching players into the stratosphere

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1
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Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 hasn't been having the greatest time lately. It's been plagued with bugs, the latest of which has found players launched staggeringly far above the map before plunging to their untimely death.

It's thanks to hurdling, which is supposed to allow players to gently vault over fences and other low objects. The movement had already been disabled back in December thanks to a bug, returning earlier in the week. Sadly, it's still not been fixed as videos have begun cropping up on Reddit showing the game launching players a little further than intended. 

Just how far you get flung into orbit seems to vary, with some getting a nice overhead view of the entire map, while some are only teleported a short distance. Others are flung high enough to die, but not high enough to seem to have any amount of time to appropriately react. It's quite funny to witness after the fact, but perhaps not too pleasurable for people who are actually trying to play the game normally.

i_hate_the_hurdle_mechanic from r/FortNiteBR

It's frustrating to see that a fix still hasn't arrived despite being disabled for around a month, and it's led to Epic having to pull the move once more. "Due to issues, we have temporarily disabled Hurdling," the Fornite Status Twitter account posted. "Players are still able to mantle over taller obstacles. Fixes are coming soon and we'll provide an update when the issues are resolved."

Besides frustrations around the movement still going unfixed, hurdling in general appears to be a fairly unpopular addition among Fortnite players. "I'd rather they keep it out until they add an option to disable it, or at least hold another button to activate it," one Reddit user posted. "There's many actions that can't be performed while sprinting, like reloading, make that a potential hold to hurdle button. But even then, 99% of the time, I'd rather just normal jump over it."

Replies seemed to agree, with one calling it "a completely pointless addition that actively made movements worse," and another one saying "quite a few times I've run up to something, tried to open it, and instead hurdled over the railing."

So, perhaps in the meantime, a lack of hurdle may be a good thing. Nobody seems to be particularly sad about its second removal. Instead, most frustration pointed towards what feels like a rushed season launch. Epic took the game down for some unscheduled maintenance earlier in the week in an attempt to plug an ever-increasing number of bugs pervading the game. From a game-breaking bug with the popular Shockwave Hammer weapon to widespread login issues, it's been one of Fortnite's rockiest season launches to date. 

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