Where to find Fortnite's abandoned mansion and how to complete a dance off

Another week of Fortnite Season 7 means another week of challenges for battle pass owners. This week, you'll need to find an abandoned mansion... and have a dance off there. Fortnite doing Fortnite, as usual. The abandoned mansion is located exactly where a mansion, not yet abandoned, once stood. You might remember it from Season 3, when superheros and villains showed up filmed a movie before a rocket launched breaking the space-time continuum and—we're getting off track.

To find the abandoned mansion, head to the east coast just south of Lonely Lodge. You'll need other players around to finish the challenge, so head in with a squad, a duos partner, or pray that everyone in a solo lobby want the same thing you do. Head to the basement of the mansion and dance on the highlighted squares, making sure to move and dance as the squares do. You'll need players on both sides to kick it off. Finish the dance battle, and then proceed to pickaxe everything in sight. 

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