Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 turns you into a spy

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 has begun. It's called Top Secret and is all about spies, if you hadn't already guessed from the teasers. As predicted, the central Eye Land has been reworked and turned into The Agency, having now been taken over by operatives Ghost and Shadow. You'll need to side with one of them to change the fate of the Eye Land forever.

A couple of enemy bases are now dotted around the map, too, which are guarded by henchman. Infiltrate the base and take out the leader to get your mitts on powerful weapons. Making use of the secret passages is advised to get past the auto turrets and security cameras.

There's now also an oil rig off the coast of Slurpy Swamp, if you fancy a quick swim to visit it. Elsewhere around the map, you can find new locations worthy of a supervillain, including a yacht, a shark cave, and a secret lair. Very spy movie.

You'll want to spend a lot of your time in the Hideout, however, as that's where you can meet agents that will give you weekly challenges. Complete those and, if you have the Battle Pass, you'll get the choice of two more challenges to take on. 

The Hideout is also where you'll meet Maya, who will give you a Battle Pass challenge each week, and is also one of the Battle Pass skins. Finish her mission, and you'll get to customise part of her appearance—she has 3.8 million style variations, apparently.

The other Battle Pass skins include buff cat-man Meowscles, Mastermind, TNTina, and Peely in a tuxedo. You'll also get access to decoy grenades, proximity mines, and cardboard box disguises so you can do your best Solid Snake impression.

There are no helicopters yet, but the teasers for Chapter 2 Season 2 suggested there would be. Perhaps they'll be added at a later date, along with the Deadpool skin, which is definitely on the way.