See all the unlockable styles for Fortnite's new Calamity skin

Each season of Fortnite contains a few special skins that are upgradeable over time. In Fortnite Season 6, the first of these skins is Calamity. You know her by now—she's a pink-haired llama rancher clad in a tank top, Daisy Duke jean shorts, and a cowboy hat. But over time, and with experience gained and challenges completed, Calamity becomes a whole lot more than that.  Here's a quick look at every stage in Clamaity's unlockable skin progression. Grind out the XP for long enough and you'll get every variation of Calamity's darker looks in time. 

Base Stage

Calamity, at her base level, looks like an unassuming farmhand with a penchant for classic cowgirl style. She looks great as is, but earning experience points will evolve her in cool and interesting ways.

Stage 1 (Gain 20,000 XP) 

The first stage of the Calamity outfit adds a black vest, black jeans and stirrups, and a black mask to the ensemble. It's here where Calamity truly begins to go from civilian to hero.

Stage 2 (Gain 50,000 XP) 

Furthering the western cowgirl vibe, the second stage adds a jacket and frills to her stirrups, making it look like Calamity is ready to go for a ride on any horse (or llama) with ease.

Stage 3 (Gain 90,000 XP) 

The third stage adds a classic desperado-style shawl, a bullet belt, and a more sinister-looking black cowboy hat in lieu of her old brown one. While this is arguably Calamity's coolest look, the last two upgrades make her even more badass.

Stage 4 (Gain 140,000 XP) 

With Calamity's evolution almost complete, the fourth stage adds an incredibly awesome long coat to the ensemble, giving her an all-out Van Helsing vibe, which fits perfectly with the season's theme of Halloween-style monsters. There's still one more stage to go, though.

Stage 5 (Gain 200,000 XP) 

Calamity's final form adds a colored glow to the entire outfit, and a ghost-like smoke effect to her entire body. The colors really stand out here, and those, too, are also customizable and unlockable through a different type of progression—weekly challenges.

Teal (Complete 10 Weekly Challenges) 

Purple (Complete 25 Weekly Challenges) 

Black (Complete 50 Weekly Challenges) 

Given that Calamity was the focal point of the first unlockable loading screen of Season 6, it appears that she may be the star of this season's in-game story. While she may start out as an unassuming farmhand, it's clear that she will eventually grow to become a badass monster hunter out of necessity as the cube continues to spread its evil around the island. Gotta protect those llamas. 

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