Fortnite book locations: Where to find books for week 7

fortnite book locations
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Fortnite week 7 has brought a new batch of challenges for players to earn some extra XP, and thankfully there's plenty that go beyond just eliminating more players. One of this week's quests is to find books at Holly Hedges and Sweaty Sands.

Most players should already know where Holly Hedges and Sweaty Sands are, but finding small books in such large locations will be more difficult.

We've whipped up this guide to show you all the book locations in Fortnite so you can complete this challenge easily.

Holly Hedges book locations

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Book location 1: The house on the top left in the image above. The book is on the west side of the house on the floor near a bookshelf.

Book location 2: The house in the center in the image above. The book is in the living room on the first floor.

Book location 3: The house in the southeast of town. The book is in the corner behind the fireplace.

Sweaty Sands book locations

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Book location 1: In the house in the east highlighted above. The book is in the bedroom on the east side of the house.

Book location 2: Walk down the street to the thin house in the southern part of town. It's a very tiny apartment, and you'll find the book behind the bed.

That's that. For your trouble, you'll get the usual 20,000 XP. There's plenty of other new challenges available, and you bet we've got guides for them: Here's where to talk to Beef Boss, Dummy, and Remedy, and here's where to find the mysterious pod.

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