Epic reveals changes coming to Fornite Battle Royale in a new video

Epic's latest Fortnite developer update video digs into some of the changes the studio has planned for its popular Battle Royale mode, and a few that have already been made, including built-in voice chat and adjustable scope sensitivity. 

Guns, predictably, are at the top of the list, and Epic's Eric Williamson says in the video that there's "a huge opportunity to add a lot of weapons" to the game. "We're going to pick the ones that we feel fit for core gameplay and as we're able to balance them into the mix, that's when we'll start introducing them." 

Epic has similar plans for consumables, "the area that's probably in biggest need of improvement," Williamson explains. "One of the prototypes we're working with right now is a potion that allows you to heal above 75 health and will give you some shield as well. We're toying with making that a benefit over time so there's a risk associated with using it." 

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Changes to assault rifles are currently being tested that will make them more accurate while moving, which could be rolled out next week if all goes well. More long-term, Epic wants to reduce their bullet spread but increase recoil, which will make them more effective in the hands of skilled players. It's also looking at converting weapons from hitscan—you pull the trigger and, assuming you've aimed properly, the hit immediately registers—to projectile, where bullets actually have to travel along a path and are therefore subject to more physical shenanigans. 

Account progression and character customization are also in the works, as are improvements to SMGs and aim assist, visible grenade arcs, changes to jump pads, and an "ammo vacuum" feature which will automatically pick up items that don't require inventory space when players walk over them.   

Fortnite was recently updated to version 1.7.2, which made a small number of changes to both Battle Royale and Save the World modes, and added built-in voice chat to the PC version. The full patch notes are up at epicgames.com.

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