Fortnite adds new assault rifle and soccer stadium, re-enables shopping carts (Updated)

Update: As detailed in our original story below, Fortnite introduced a new weapon, new soccer stadiums, a new Save the World character, and new trap features among a number of other things earlier this week. Epic has now bolstered Patch v4.4 with a modest v4.4.1 update. 

The Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am is Epic's first stab at competitive Fortnite, reported James from this week's E3, and now Pro-Am matches are available to view in Battle Royale clients.  

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Likewise, Shopping Carts have been reintroduced to BR after technical issues forced their temporary exclusion—and a new player reporting system rolls out in Save the World. 

Epic hasn't released patch notes for v4.1.1 per se—we'll update if it does—however did put out the following tweet. Our original story follows that. 

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Original story:

E3 2018 is in full swing, but Fortnite's weekly updates roll on. This week's offering, patch v4.4, brings with it the new Thermal Scope Assault Rifle, a football soccer stadium, a shifty-looking chap named The Cloaked Star, gradient-adaptable traps, and a couple of limited-time event modes.  

Exclusive to Battle Royale, the Thermal Scope Assault Rifle is available in Epic and Legendary variations, and packs 36-37 base damage. It can see chests, supply drops, heat signatures and uses Medium ammo. Found as floor loot, within chests and via drops, I quite fancy unleashing my inner Dutch while camped deep within the green. 

BR also welcomes the third iterations of its Sniper Shootout and 50V50 limited-time modes this week, and adds a new soccer stadium to the northern end of the map, just along from Pleasant Park. Courtesy of Fortnite Intel, that looks like this:

Elsewhere, traps can now be placed on ramps—be that The Bouncer in Battle Royale, or wooden spikes, retractable spikes, flame grill Traps, freeze traps, or healing pads in Save the World. Separate mouse sensitivity sliders have been added to both games too, meaning both vertical and horizontal sensitivities can now be adjusted to suit specific play styles.  

A new "Mythic Ninja" named The Cloaked Star enters Save the World via patch 4.4, and marks the third leg of its Blockbuster questline. More on that and everything above can be perused via update 4.4's patch notes—which also point out Jetpacks have been vaulted.