Former Irrational employees form new studio and ask, "What is The Black Glove?"

Game studios come and go, but few of them manage to put together a catalog comparable to Irrational's. So it was even sadder than usual when the studio closed its doors earlier this year. But some small good may come out of that, as a group of former employees have formed a new outfit, Day For Night Games, and are working on an unusual first-person game called The Black Glove.

I like weird videogames, and so I like what I've read so far about The Black Glove, even though I still know virtually nothing about it. The game takes place inside The Equinox, according to GameSpot , a "surreal theater" where reality is never certain. Joe Fielder of Day For Night compared it to the "Black Lodge" from Twin Peaks, adding, "If we do our jobs correctly, it'll be unlike anything anyone's played before."

The studio is keeping The Black Glove under wraps for now, but details will be revealed in July when the Kickstarter campaign gets underway. Fielder said he thinks Kickstarter remains a viable option for indie game studios, and he also expressed confidence in Day For Night's ability to deliver on its promises. "It's a team that's had a lot of experience making games," he said. "I can say that in my experience as a producer, I can ensure that we make [game design choices] on time and on budget."

In the place of actual information, Day For Night posted three teaser images on its Twitter account , the most intriguing (to me, at least) being one that invites you to "lose your identity in the maze of the space minotaur." I don't know what a space minotaur is, but I do know that if your game has one, I want to check it out. We're now really looking forward to July.

Andy Chalk

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