For its three-year anniversary, West of Loathing received a patch

(Image credit: Asymmetric)

Stick-figure cowboy adventure West of Loathing was our pick for best comedy game of 2017, thanks to its impressive descriptions of horrifying spittoons, silly-walking protagonist, and spot-on parody of RPGs. Three years later it's received a new patch from developers Asymmetric, which addresses what they're calling "obscure bugs" as well as adding even more jokes.

Extra wandering pedestrians with new things to say have been added to a couple of settlements and there's a fresh character to talk to at Clooncy's in Frisco, as well as "Additional nonsense" added to the Gun Manor in the Reckonin' at Gun Manor add-on. You can read the full patch notes here, but I've stolen a few of the highlights for you.

  • Through the miracle of animation, the clown described as flipping his knife by the campfire is now actually depicted flipping his knife by the campfire.
  • The dictionary in Gun Manor should no longer just close if you try to look up the word "done." This bug was actually pretty funny, so we almost left it in.
  • All variants of venomous bullet oil will now properly report the damage they do in the combat log instead of just "[state dmg]" -- bullets don't actually know what state you are in when you do damage, they aren't that smart.
  • All known typos have been fixxed, except that one.

This patch is already available for the Steam version, and will roll out for other versions once it's been tested for stability because it also updates the game to a new version of Unity, but that's not as funny as the thing about the dictionary.

Jody Macgregor
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