For Honor season pass listing leaks onto the Ubisoft store

 A listing for the For Honor season pass that appeared on the Ubisoft store yesterday was quickly removed, but not before its contents had been splayed over Reddit. It looks like the pass will follow the model established by Rainbow 6 Siege, providing access to six new warriors one week in advance of non-pass holders, early access to new content, three scavenger crates, a Sunbeam emote, and 30-day champion status. 

Pricing for the season pass remains under wraps, but the listing indicates that it will be included with the Gold Edition of the game, which sells for $100/£70/€90. The Gold Edition will also include the extra content that comes with the Deluxe Edition—three unique helmet crests, a special execution smoke effect, the Deluxe Edition emblem, and seven-day champion status—which suggests a $30 cost for the season pass, the same as the Rainbow Six Siege pass.   

It would also seem to indicate that, again like Siege, none of the new warriors or other content, like maps and weapons, are exclusive to season pass holders. Forking over the coin will get the goods to you quicker and with less effort, but players who are sufficiently committed to the grind will be able to acquire it all eventually—or just buy the stuff later from the in-game store.   

I've emailed Ubisoft to confirm the contents of the season pass, and will update when I have more information. In the meantime, don't forget that the For Honor closed beta kicks off on January 27. Details on that are here.

Andy Chalk

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