For Honor gameplay trailer showcases large men getting medieval

Ubisoft has turned loose a new For Honor gameplay trailer that showcases the fighting styles of the three warriors unveiled in December: The massive Shugoki, the nearly-as-massive Warlord, and the not-at-all-massive Peacekeeper. Game director Roman Campos-Oriola also talks a bit about the no-respawn Elimination Mode that we got our hands on a few weeks ago

The Shugoku is a stand-and-swing kind of guy, relying on his hit points—he has the biggest HP pool in the game—to survive, while the Viking Warlord isn't quite so durable but carries a shield that can bear the brunt of attacks, making him more of a cornerstone defender. The Peacekeeper is all about staying out of the way: She can't be hurt if she can't be hit. Of course, if she is hit, it's probably game over, especially if she eats that Shugoku tree branch. But her ability to inflict bleeding damage means she doesn't have to hang in with a fight to win it. 

One of the interesting things about Elimination Mode, which we talked about in our preview, is that downed characters who haven't undergone a radical skullectomy can be revived by their teammates. Players may thus be forced to stand guard over a fallen enemy, or to break away from a fight to help out a pal. That's bound to lead to some tough decisions in the heat of combat, although the fact that fallen foes can't be properly finished once they're on the ground is very odd. 

For Honor is set to go into closed beta later this month. Sign up for the fun at

Andy Chalk

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