For Honor drops trio of class trailers ahead of closed alpha next week

Ubisoft’s forthcoming history-defying hack and slasher For Honor isn’t due till Valentine’s Day next year, however its closed alpha is just around the corner. As such, the developer unveiled three class-related trailers at this weekend’s PAX West, which showcase how the Samurai’s Kensei, the Vikings’ Raiders, and the Knights’ Wardens will handle themselves in multiplayer action. 

First up, the Samurai, who we’re told history hasn’t been very kind to. After years of wandering, the Eastern warriors have rebuilt themselves under a powerful Emperor which, judging by the following trailer, has allowed them to excel in the art of decapitation. 

The Vikings’ Raiders were previously thought to have vanished, however have “returned to plunder, take new lands, and reclaim their ancient homeland in the north.” All of which seems about right: 

Lastly, the otherwise nomadic Wardens have united to form the Iron Legion. The following trailers reckons they’re “driven by duty”, but to be honest they seem inspired by brutal violence. If the shoe/iron-plated boot fits, I suppose.

For Honor’s closed alpha is set to run from September 15 - 18, and details on how to sign up can located this way

Over the weekend, Ubisoft posted six Essential Battlefield Tactics on its blog which are probably worth checking out beforehand—“you’re useful when you’re dead” seems like a particularly handy tip, given the amount of violence we’ve witnessed so far.