What each fighter class should focus on in For Honor's Domination mode

If you like your melee warfare loud and messy, then For Honor's team-based Dominion mode will probably suit you well. The problem is, For Honor doesn’t do a great job telling you exactly how it works, let alone each character’s role in the confusion of battle. 

Chances are, you’ve seen Vanguard teammates pretend they’re harassers, Orochis try to handle the push and pull of bodies at each map’s center on their lonesome, or folks just run around the map looking for fights. Check out Elimination mode, jerks. Success in Dominion requires close cooperation and a balanced team composition for sprinting between capture points, tearing through NPC soldiers, and adaptability. Otherwise, things get messy, and fast. 

The basics 

Dominion is a competitive 4v4 game mode in which you earn points by capturing and defending zones, and also by killing enemy players and NPC soldiers. The first team to reach 1000 points ‘breaks’ the other team, cutting off its ability to respawn. Once they’re all dead, the other team wins, but if the broken team holds its ground and continues to capture zones and accrue points, they too can break the other team and force a no-respawn showdown. Protip for those: there probably won’t be much honor involved.

Dominion maps are laid out around three lanes, with a team spawn point on either side. Each lane leads to one of three Capture Zones (A, B, and C). The Neutral Zone is the only zone contested by NPC soldiers, and is usually found in the middle at Zone B. Killing enemy NPC soldiers makes room for your own wave of grunts to push through and occupy the space, so the crowd requires as much attention as a chia pet.

Essential do's and don'ts

DO heal yourself. If you are low on health, you can heal at any exterior zone (usually A or C) that your team has captured and is currently uncontested. 

DON'T get cocky. If you find yourself outnumbered by more than two opponents, it is generally wiser to flee rather than stay and fight. Running away and healing takes less time than waiting on the respawn timer. 

DO remember there are three capture points. If all four enemies are attacking your zone, that means there are two other zones on the map that are undefended. Two is more than one, as it turns out. Don’t be afraid to abandon your zone and go capture one elsewhere.

DON'T forget to use your feats! They can help even the odds when you are outnumbered. 

DO look down. Most maps have bridges that enemies will regularly pass beneath. Drop attacks do massive damage and look super cool. They're not very honorable, but what's honor for, anyway?

DON'T step on your teammates' toes. If you are helping a teammate attack an enemy player, utilize guard breaks rather than spamming attacks to open up the enemy’s defense and prevent them from gaining Revenge Mode quickly. 

Feats and class roles

Feats are special abilities that your hero can use to turn the tide of battle, unlocked by earning Renown. Renown is earned similarly to how points are accrued: by capturing and defending zones, defeating enemy players, and killing NPC soldiers. However, certain character classes can earn Renown at higher rates, depending on what they do. To maximize the use of your feats, be sure to perform actions that will earn your class the most Renown. Here’s the skinny on how to do just that.


Vanguards gain more Renown from killing NPC soldiers, and from fighting outnumbered against enemy players, such as 1v2, 1v3, and so on. They're pretty well rounded and come equipped with a variety of stun attacks to handle multiple enemies at once. Don't be offended if they knock you out for a minute to use one of their special sweeping attacks to clean up some enemy NPCs. They just have a lot going on these days, you know? 

As a Vanguard, you should prioritize the following:

  • Capturing and holding the Neutral Zone.
  • Killing as many NPC soldiers as possible.
  • Fighting enemy players who contest the Neutral Zone.
  • Aiding teammates and capturing other zones only when the Neutral Zone is clear of enemies.

Vanguards should choose feats that heal them by killing enemy NPC soldiers, and feats that improve the combat capabilities of allies and friendly NPC soldiers. Make that body wave strong, but save room for self-care. Vanguard is a busy, stressful gig. 


Assassins gain more Renown from killing enemy players and accruing kill streaks. They're nimble and deadly, but soft inside and outside, so they're not great against multiple opponents at once. For harassing and capturing external points quickly though, they're essential. 

As an Assassin you should prioritize the following:

  • Capturing unoccupied zones as quickly as possible.
  • Killing lone enemy players when you have a clear advantage.
  • Running away from when outmatched to prevent your death and preserve your killstreak.

Assassins should choose feats that increase their sprint speed and help them deal more damage. Speed and damage efficiency will scoot you to and fro between capture points with ease, and sharper blades make for shorter fights—and more captures. 


Heavies gain more Renown from actively standing in a captured zone, and from defending captured zones from being contested by enemy players. They're big, slow, and require a ton of damage to take out. Against multiple enemies, they're especially dangerous since a bigger health bar increases their chance of building up a revenge meter and getting, well, revenge. They're not bad at point B, but are best put to use in the more heavily contested capture points. 

As a Heavy, you should prioritize the following:

  • Capturing and standing in the zone closest to the enemy spawn.
  • Preventing the enemy from contesting your zone.
  • Aiding other teammates close to your zone only when your it's uncontested.

Heavies should choose feats the increase their health, stamina, and defensive capabilities. Your job is to hold down the fort, literally. Soak up as much damage and take out as many enemies as you can along the way.


Hybrids are unique in that they gain Renown evenly across all activities and they’re flexible enough to fulfill any role. As a Hybrid, you should make note of the other character classes in your team, and try to fill any holes in the team composition created by the absence of other classes or to switch between roles on the fly. What I'm saying is, go where the honor takes you. 

The Lawbringer excels at fulfilling the Vanguard and Heavy roles.
The Valkyrie excels at fulfilling the Assassin and Heavy roles.
The Nobushi excels at fulfilling the Assassin and Vanguard roles.

Hybrids should choose feats according to the role they are playing. You're the interpretive dancers of For Honor, wild and free and unpredictable. Just make sure you play like it.

Bryan Bloomer
At one time, Bryan was a gangly kid sitting in front of an old projection TV, beating A Link to the Past for the umpteenth time. Now he has a fancy standing desk and a fancy career in IT to go with it. And while his posture may have evolved, his love for games remains as steadfast as ever, though fatherhood and the a career require him to be choosy when it comes to going medieval on some fools.