For Honor 360° trailer boasts brutal blood-soaked battlefields

For Honor—Ubisoft's incoming history-defying hack-and-slasher that features knights and vikings and samurai all on the same murder grounds—will be with us this time next week. Keen combatants have already wowed us with their melee mastery, and the game's latest trailer drops us square in the middle of a blood-stained battlefield.    

Featured below, it's one of those fancy 360° videos that lets you view the mess of dead bodies, loose limbs, and injured soldiers from every angle, as the poetic narrator drives home the brutality of war and the destruction it wreaks. It's pretty epic—galvanised by some slow-motion bludgeoning as featured towards the trailer's end. 

For Honor is due February 14. Shaun got to grips with it last week and seemed to enjoy his time with it. Here's an excerpt from that: 

"Will For Honor take off? I hope so. It’s a weird game: you can have a Samurai, Viking and Knight fighting on the same battleground and even in the same team. The combat is complex and satisfying, like a more brutal and brainy rock-paper-scissors. Whether the balancing is right, and whether the meta will evolve in interesting ways, is something we can only wait and see."