For five bucks, you can unlock everything in Resident Evil 2 Remake

A new piece of DLC for Resident Evil 2 unlocks everything you can earn in the game. For $5/£4, you can dispense with all the usual gameplay hoops and start running around as a giant chunk of tofu brandishing a pistol with infinite ammo.

The All In-game Rewards Unlock is available now on Steam, and it does just what it says: it unlocks every in-game reward, including the 4th Survivor and the Tofu Survivor modes, new costumes and models, and some top-tier weapons.

These weapons include infinite-ammo versions of the LE-5 submachine gun, ATM-4 rocket launcher, and Samurai Edge handgun, plus an unbreakable combat knife. Ammo scarcity being what it is in Resident Evil 2, having a gun that never goes dry changes things up quite a bit.

Again, all the items included in the DLC are in-game rewards, meaning that you can acquire every one of by playing the game, and without spending an additional penny. But hey, a few of them are pretty tricky to do and some people have more spare cash than spare time.

However, there are also plenty of Resident Evil 2 mods if you'd like to mix things up a bit without opening up your pocketbook.

Thanks, Eurogamer.