For a limited time these Epos|Sennheiser headsets are around 25% off

Epos Sennheiser headphone deals.
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Gaming headset manufacturer Epos broke away from its partnership with Sennheiser (opens in new tab) back in 2020 to make some of its own excellent branded cans (opens in new tab), like the Epos H6Pro gaming headset (opens in new tab). That being said, you can still find most of the range of very well received cross branded peripherals on shelves. While the new range of Epos headsets are definitely grabbing our attention (opens in new tab), at these prices so are these slightly older Sennheiser | Epos branded deals.

Epos’s official store (opens in new tab) is selling the Game One (opens in new tab), as well as the Game Zero (opens in new tab) at a pretty significant discount in the United States, Canada, Europe, and the UK but not in Australia. Both the open and closed eared variants of the cross branded headsets are currently going for $‌129 USD, $‌159 CA, €‌129 Euro, or £109 GBP. All were much closer to the 200 mark in each currency before the discount, costing $‌179 USD, $‌199 CA, €‌179 Euro, or £159 GBP.

Sennheiser Game Zero (opens in new tab)

EPOS Game One and Game Zero headsets | Microphone with flexible boom arm | Intuitive volume control | Black with red features| $179.99 $‌129 USD at Epos (save $50) (opens in new tab)
Both the Game One and Game Zero headsets are going for a good discount in multiple regions on the Epos store. The major difference between the two is that the Game One is an open backed headset while the Zero is closed which will come down to personal preference. Both are a pretty great deal for the price. 

Both the Game One and Game Zero are black wired headsets with red highlights and sport a flexible boom style mic arm. The only real difference is that the One is an open headset while the Zero is closed. They come with 2 year warranty and either headset should also qualify for free shipping, so that’s an extra bonus. 

The listing also says stock is limited so it could be that Epos is getting rid of whatever they have left. This could be the last time we see these readily available so if any were catching your eye it’s a good opportunity to get in.

Beloved by audiophiles, Sennheiser was a huge name in headphone audio which gave the Epos brand partnership a boost when it launched. Since the split, Sennheiser has sold its entire consumer product business to Sonova (opens in new tab) for $243 million USD, and will instead be focussing on its pro line up.

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