Footballers played their cancelled match in FIFA 20 for more than 60,000 fans

(Image credit: EA)

A pair of Spanish footballers took each other on in FIFA 20 after the real match between their teams, Real Betis and Sevilla, was cancelled due to the coronavirus.

The match was due to kick off last Sunday, but the country went into lockdown a couple of days ago, leaving fans without the game to take their minds off things. Instead, the teams hosted it in FIFA 20 with Real Betis' Borja Iglesias and Sevilla's Sergio Reguilón representing their sides.

If you want to skip spoilers, stop here and go straight to the video below.

More than 60,000 people watched the stream, which saw plenty of goals and, eventually, Real Betis claiming victory. It was close, though, at 6-5. You can watch it yourself below.

As noted by Eurogamer, this isn't the first football match to be replaced by a simulated one since the coronavirus struck, but having two of the actual players participate brought it a bit closer to the real thing. Not quite close enough to make the match count, but at least it gave fans something to get excited about. 

Online events have been filling a lot of the gaps created during the outbreak. GDC 2020's talks and IGF Awards will be streamed, while publishers are planning their own digital alternatives to E3. With social distancing and quarantines, the internet is an even more valuable resource, but unfortunately it's not one that everyone has easy access to at home.

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