Football Manager 2012's best cheap players

FM Team Marco Verratti

Attacking Midfielder: Marco Verratti

Age: 18

Nationality: Italian

Club: Pescara

Estimated Price: £1 million

Most 18-year-olds can't run a washing machine, never mind a premiership midfield, but Marco Verratti has the technique to take on men years his senior. Grab him now and he'll be the heart of your team for years to come.

FM Team Federico Santander

Target Man: Federico Santander

Nationality: Paraguayan

Club: Guarani

Estimated Price: £1.5 million

Sometimes football games get ugly, dirty and brutal, and for times like that you need someone who can use his head, and not in the smart way. Towering Paraguay youngster Federico Santander is here for just that reason.

FM Team Alberto Paloschi

Striker: Alberto Paloschi

Age: 21

Nationality: Italian

Club: Chievo

Estimated Price: £3 million

Paloschi is a pure predator. He exists for only one reason: to score goals. We're not even sure if he eats or sleeps any more. Regardless his clinical finishing make this former Milan youngster one of the deadliest strikers in the game.