First Total War: Shogun 2 review scores 92 and scoops Editor's Choice award in PC Gamer


We've played and reviewed Shogun 2 and awarded the game a score of 92 and an Editor's Choice award. The review appears in the latest issue of PC Gamer UK, on-sale February 16, and the May issue of PC Gamer US, on-sale March 29.

Why did it get that score and the Editor's Choice award? Try improved AI that attacks from the sea and uses terrain to its advantage, an online clan system with excellent matchmaking that encourages teamworks between allies, and the artful realisation of the Sengoku period. We say that "Shogun 2 is the Total War series back on form," and that it "boasts the most outrageous hats in martial history.

If you can't wait to read the review until then, check out the latest Total War: Shogun 2 trailer , and our preview of the game's revamped multiplayer mode. The game's available to pre-order now. Check out the system requirements to see how well it'll run on your PC. Subscribe to PC Gamer UK here and PC Gamer US here .

Tom Senior

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