First screenshots of Dungeons of Dredmor expansion, Veganism being added as a skill

dremor expansion_shot3

The men behind our favorite $5 game thus-far in 2011 just offered the first look at Dungeons of Dredmor's expansion via Twitter . The screens reveal two of the new skillsets being added to Dredmor: Big Game Hunter—presumably a set of abilities that rewards monster maiming—and its more ethically-conscious counterpart, Veganism.

Great, now I want to build a vegan werewolf-assassin in Skyrim. Your move, Bethesda.

The expansion will add five floors worth of new dungeons (duh), 10 new enemies (Gaslamp Games tweeted a sprite of this terrifying Muscle Diggle earlier today), new skills, "and some higher-level gameplay stuff." The dev says a larger announcement will be revealed at midnight via Twitter.

Evan Lahti
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