First-person survival horror Outlast gets release date, price

You'll remember - unless you've blanked it out - that Outlast is a horror game that channels Amnesia, [REC] and, er, Mirror's Edge, meaning it's a first-person scarefest that gives you a camcorder and lets you see your hands and legs. Upturned wheelchair aside , it's looking rather promisingly scary - and now we know when we'll be hiding under the bed rather than braving it for ourselves. September 4th is the date to mark on your calendar, in pencil, biro or blood (your preference).

Outlast is set in the brilliantly named Mount Massive Asylum, which now appears to be full of monstrous scaly naked men, as in that dream I had nobody had last night. You'll want to read our preview or watch the trailer for more, or crane your neck down slightly for some more recent in-game footage (sadly of the PS4 version, but I doubt the PC game will be much different).

Outlast will set you back $19.99 when it insinuates its way into your nightmares, not to mention Steam, on September 4th.

Ta, VG247 .

Tom Sykes

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