First-person roguelike City of Brass will leave early access in May

City of Brass, the first-person roguelike that pits players (and their whip) against a ghoul-infested city inspired by One Thousand and One Nights, is almost out of early access. Uppercut Games announced the 1.0 release date of May 4 yesterday. 

The release version of the game will come with bug fixes, balance changes, Mixer integration and the 13th and final level. The Innermost Chamber is the city’s ultimate trial, which Uppercut promises will take every skill and trick you’ve learned to overcome. 

If you picked it up during early access, you’ll also net yourself the Founder’s Cutlass, a flashy gold sword, and the City of Brass OST. Those picking it up at launch and after will be able to get the game a little cheaper, though. The £18.99/$24.99 price is being reduced to $19.99. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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