First-person adventure Obduction finally gets a proper teaser


I don't care what anyone else says: Myst was a great game, and a magical, memorable experience. So when Cyan Worlds announced a couple of years ago that it was working on a new and very Myst-like adventure called Obduction, you better believe I was happy. Not that I'm particularly good at this sort of game—believe me, I'm not—but I love the idea of them, and the strange worlds they present. And the promise of a new one from Cyan, the studio that made the original, is especially exciting.

The trailer description contains a “spoiler alert for purists,” but I don't see anything in it that really qualifies beyond explaining the basic premise of the game, which is simply that you ain't in Kansas anymore. If you really don't want to know anything about it, including what it looks like, then you should probably head out without pressing the “play” button, but otherwise I think you'll be okay.

Another bit of happy news for purists (which was actually announced in November) is that Obduction will feature music by Robin Miller, brother of Cyan boss Rand and co-creator of Myst, who left the game development biz in 1997. This will be his first videogame soundtrack since Riven, the first sequel to Myst. Obduction is scheduled for release in June 2016. Find out more at

Andy Chalk

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