Myst composer Robyn Miller signs on to score Obduction


I've been keeping an eye on Obduction ever since it came out of Kickstarter with $1.3 million back in 2013. It's a Myst-like adventure game being developed by Cyan, the studio behind the original Myst, that was founded back in the '80s by brothers Rand and Robyn Miller. Robyn left the business following the release of Riven in 1997, but Cyan announced last week that he's signed on to create the Obduction soundtrack.

"Robyn is a very talented composer—well known for writing and producing the award-winning music for Myst and Riven," the studio said. "He has already started on the first of the musical/ambient soundscapes, and we couldn’t be more excited about having Robyn’s music enhance the Obduction experience."

It's big news as these things go (and I'll be the first to admit that it's a very niche bit of business) because Miller's work on Myst and Riven was so powerfully evocative, and a great match for the game's unique environments. Obduction is unrelated to the Myst series, but it promises many similarities, "with the same framework that made Cyan's earlier games such a wonderful experience: stunning landscapes, deep storyline, engaging characters, dramatic soundscapes, and challenging yet intuitive puzzles," as the Kickstarter pitch put it.

Obduction is currently set to come out in the second quarter of 2016—check the official site for more.

Thanks, MCV.

Andy Chalk

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