First ever Humble Weekly Sale begins with Bastion, adds a ton of extra stuff

The Humble Bundle has evolved. No, not into a Wartortle - the charitable pay-what-you-want initiative is set to get humbler and bundlier and even more regular with the announcement of The Humble Weekly Sale , which will offer a new game for your consideration every Tuesday. The first deal goes live now, with the wonderful Bastion. As ever you can pay what you want for a DRM-free copy of the game (on Windows, Mac and Linux), though a donation of $1 or more will also get you a Steam key. If you beat the average you'll get extra digital content; spend $25 or more and you'll get physical merch thrown in too, including an actual Bastion bandana. Just the thing for when you wake up in a world of floating islands, with Logan Cunningham narrating everything you do.

Here's the full list of additional gubbins. Pay over the average to unlock:

  • Bastion Digital Soundtrack (MP3/FLAC)
  • Exclusive Bastion Digital Art Pack, featuring never-before-seen artwork
  • Bastion Sheet Music
  • Bastion iPhone/Android Ringtones

While $25 or more will also get you:

  • Bastion Original Soundtrack CD
  • A real Bastion bandana
  • A Bastion postcard
  • A postcard for Supergiant's newly-announced next game, Transistor!

As usual, you can choose how much of your money you want to give to the devs or to charity - the charities in this case being the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child's Play.

Oh and here's what Bastion looks like, in case you've forgotten somehow:

Tom Sykes

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