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First Elemental expansion, Fallen Enchantress detailed

Elemental Fallen Enchantment

Elemental's first expansion has been announced. It's called Fallen Enchantress, and is set to add new weapons, spells, magical equipment, creatures and lands to the game. The expansion is due to arrive in the next few months, and will be free to those who bought Elemental in 2010.

One of the major updates promised by Fallen Enchantress is the addition of wild lands to conquer. These lands will contain unique locations populated by storied special characters. One example involves the Bhinadmi Fissure, a huge gorge infested with demons and earth elementals. To tame the fissure you'll have to ride up to the edge, challenge the elemental lord within and defeat him to take the land. These new areas will be populated by a number dangerous characters that can be hunted and slain for great rewards.

Fallen Enchantress will also add the ability to recruit champions that specialise in magic. These champions can then be tooled up with items discovered though exploration. If things are going particularly badly, the new spells added by the expansion will let you sacrifice a champion to summon an even stronger demon for a time. Other new abilities include a spell that can ice over an entire city, and another that can tear a hole in space time, through which even more demons can be summoned.

There's no precise release date yet, and no pricing details for those who bought Elemental this year, but Fallen Enchantress is due before summer. Check out the Elemental site for more information.

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