Firefall releases new trailer and update, promises that we shall fight on the servers

If the latest trailer for Firefall seems particularly inspirational, it's because they've cheated. You can make anything sound poignant when you include the rousing oratory of Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt. Even an enjoyable looking free-to-play sci-fi MMOFPS, filled with plasma weapons and jetpacks.

The reason for the historical pep-talk is Firefall's latest development milestone, released during PAX East. The update brings, among other changes, new dynamic and local events, a tweaked progression system and better crafting. I'm not sure Churchill had enhanced Battleframe crafting and deeper customisation on his mind when he delivered his "This was their finest hour" speech to the House of Commons, but then I wasn't there.

"Mankind is desperately fighting to maintain its hold on New Eden," writes the press release, trying to salvage some form of propriety. "The Chosen invasion is pushing out of the Melding and systematically bombarding strategic locations with new siege engines, troops and tactics... Players must band together and push back against the encroaching threat, or risk losing the last vestige of humanity."

As well as updates to existing missions, players will also see new PvP content and ARES missions, which pepper dynamic objectives throughout the land. Although Firefall is still in development, you can get beta access through a Founder's Pack purchase or by "enlisting" on the game's beta page .

Phil Savage

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