Firefall Halloween update adds new enemies, abilities and scary masks

There's only one thing worse than a witch, and that's a witch in a jetpack. Halloween has invaded Firefall, bringing scary masks, cobwebs, tombstones, "bat bombs" and ghostly consumables to New Eden. There are also new monsters to kill, like the Wrym (a worm), the Nautilus (evil tentacle with tentacles attached), feral canines (evil dogs) and jungle harriers (haunted vertical takeoff and landing jets).

The Firefall Halloween patch notes also list a few new abilities for each class like "Firecat Burnjets" that let you hover over enemies and incinerate with jets attached to your feet, "Rhino explosive rounds" that hit enemies with all the force of an exploding rhino and the Raptor Supercharge shot which will "make your friends more awesome… by shooting them!"

Here's the full ability list, a sampler of the full patch notes posted over on the Firefall forums .



  • Firecat Burnjets: Hover over your enemies and “enlighten” them with a generous dousing of heat from your feet!

  • Tigerclaw Rocket Jump: Launch yourself into the air while making those around you suffer for standing so close!


  • Recluse Evacuate: The ultimate in self-GTFO! Launch yourself backwards from danger while leaving a poisonous present behind.

  • Dragonfly Healing Pillar: Lob healing plasma that erupts in a fountain of “feel-good” after a few seconds.


  • Rhino Explosive Rounds: Temporarily spit hot fire! Your bullets go boom!

  • Mammoth Absorption Bomb: Go immobile and suck up damage to unleash AoE hell on nearby attackers!


  • Electron Salvo Proxy: Shoot a missile, which turns into a bunch of missiles, that homes in on your reticle to make someone or something completely miserable!

  • Bastion Supply Station: Deployable health and ammo to both feel and be important


  • Raptor Supercharge Shot: Make your friends more awesome… by shooting them!

  • Nighthawk Decoy: Retreat into stealth, leaving behind a not so friendly doppelganger that attracts attention, then blows it up.

Tom Senior

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