Finish the fight in style with these Halo-themed diamond necklaces

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Ever had one of those nights where you feel like your outfit is missing something? Do you want, no, need a piece of jewelry to show that you're a baller but also a fan of Halo (opens in new tab)? Thankfully, Streetwear jeweler King Ice's current Halo collection (opens in new tab) has exactly what you need to complete that very specific look.  

The King Ice X Halo collaboration includes four different necklaces, a standing Master Chief (opens in new tab) holding his trusty Assault Rifle (that's covered in nearly 1500 stones) at $120, a Master Chief helmet (opens in new tab) at $100, an energy sword (opens in new tab) (sold out), and a needler (opens in new tab) being the cheaper options at $80. They come in both 14K gold or white gold finishes. 

Each item is paired with a 20" 5mm Miami Cuban chain. I'm a fan of the white gold plasma sword necklace; I'd probably match it with these gold-trimmed aviators (opens in new tab) while wearing a flashy burgundy suit. Sorry, I'm basically telling you what I'd wear to the Game Awards if I were ever to get invited.  

Halo theme necklaces.

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If you're not a Halo fan, don't worry, King Ice's other Gamer (opens in new tab) jewelry is as amazing as you would imagine with blinged-out PlayStation (opens in new tab) and Xbox (opens in new tab) iconography as well as the patron saint of gaming and his acolytes (opens in new tab). Chance is you'll find something that's perfect for the gamer in your life. 

Though the lack of PC gaming-specific necklaces is a little upsetting. Would it kill them to make a two-finger ring with WASD or some arrow keys across the knuckles? Hell, I'd unironically rock a Clippy (opens in new tab) diamond necklace any day of the week. Don't worry, King Ice; you can have these ideas for free. 

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