Final Mass Effect 3 DLC packs announced: reunite with the squad, swing a space hammer

I didn't really have a problem with the ending of Mass Effect 3. There, I said it. I'd even go so far as to say that after the Extended Cut it's actually pretty good, with some caveats. No grand thesis, no conspiracy. My five-year love affair with BioWare's space adventure ended in a way that I was okay with. Feel free to savage me in the comments, guys. I'm right here. I regret nothing.

Phew, it's good to get that off my chest.

In any case, the trilogy is about to end again. BioWare's Chris Priestly took to the official forums earlier today to formally announce Citadel, the third and final piece of singleplayer DLC for Mass Effect 3.

"When a sinister conspiracy targets Commander Shepard, you and your team must uncover the truth" the post reads. "Uncover the truth and fight alongside your squad - as well as the cast from the original Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2."

Wrex is back, judging from the screenshots, as is Miranda - potentially as squadmates. One pic has them stood in front of the Normandy, smiling oddly. Another has Wrex out of his armour (!) telling a joke during what appears to be a wine and cheese evening in a room full of floating purple balls.

I am not going to lie: I am completely on board with the idea of smart-casual reunion drinks with the gang. Then again I have had very little sleep and I've had to stop listening to the Mass Effect soundtrack while writing this post because I think I might be getting a bit emotional and oh god that bit where the main theme kicks in when the fleet spaceships spaceships.


BioWare have previously announced the return of series composer Sam Hulick as well as the bulk of the original cast, which matches what has been announced today. Citadel will also include a bunch of new areas to explore when the main story is complete, including a combat arena, an apartment for Shepard on the citadel, and a casino. If I have any concerns, it's that Miranda and Wrex may well not be around in many players' games - if BioWare are putting them at the front of the marketing campaign, will they be tempted to retcon their fates, Dragon Age style? I sincerely hope not.

Citadel is out on March 5th and judging by the Xbox LIVE price it'll be 1200 BioWare points on PC.

Also announced today is the final multiplayer DLC, Reckoning, which will be free. New units include the Geth Juggernaut, Talon Mercenary, Alliance Infiltration Unit, a lady turian, and others - including a space-hammer-wielding Krogan Warlord.

There's a bunch of new weapons, but no mention of new maps. It's out next week, on the 26th of February.

See below for screenshots.

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