Final Fantasy XI November update wraps up Rhapsodies of Vana’diel

Final Fantasy XI

Final Fantasy XI is still trucking, and by trucking I mean 'chocobo-ing', as to my knowledge Square's long-running MMO doesn't have a single motor vehicle in it. What it does it have is giant mushrooms, mogs, and this disturbingly humanoid cactuar:

Minitender 1447082119

These are images from FFXI's November update, which concludes the Rhapsodies of Vana’diel saga. "The adventure that began with Iroha in May shifts to the sacred island of Reisenjima," Square Enix says, "where the battle for the future of Vana’diel will ensue. Speaking of scenarios, we will also be concluding the Vegetable Vegetable Revolution questline from Seekers of Adoulin."

Vegetable Vegetable Revolution.

There are a bunch of other additions, including new monsters and weapons, as explained in detail in this forum post. The November update is live now, and you can see the patch in action in its accompanying trailer, below.

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