Final Fantasy 7 Remako HD mod is an impressive upgrade and out now

With Final Fantasy 7 Remake still absent a release date—it was revealed four years ago—you might as well just stop waiting and go play the original again. While not as dramatic as a complete remake, modders have been giving it an HD makeover, and one of the mods has now hit 1.0. 

The Remako mod improves the quality of the battle textures, world textures and cutscenes, as well as Final Fantasy 7's gorgeous pre-rendered backgrounds. These backgrounds have been improved since the beta, says the mod's creator, while bugs and graphics issues have been fixed. 

Here's what the opening cutscene looks like with the mod:

Like an increasing number of graphics mods, Remako uses AI-upscaling for the makeover, specifically AI Gigapixel. Programs like Gigapixel and ESRGAN use AI to intelligently upscale an image. The algorithms use what they've learned from analysing images to blow them up without losing detail or leaving them a blurry mess. 

Check out the screenshot page to see more of the results. While upscaling efforts aren't always guaranteed improvements, Remako looks great, like plonking on a comfy pair of rose-coloured glasses. 

If you fancy downloading it, follow this install guide.

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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