Final Fantasy 14's next upcoming class is the deathly Reaper

I have a soft spot for necromancers. I also have a soft spot for Final Fantasy 14. So you can imagine I'm feely very mushy right now over the news that Final Fantasy 14's next class coming in the new Endwalker expansion is the Reaper—a gothic badass sporting a giant, two-handed scythe.

Announced just moments ago during Final Fantasy 14's annual fan fest convention, the Reaper will be one of two new classes joining the game when Endwalker launches this fall. The other is the Sage, which you can read about here.

The Reaper is a melee DPS class that specializes in calling upon the powers of the void to help it in battle. It will start at level 70 (so it'll be primed to jump straight into Endwalker) and has no required classes—but you do have to have one class at level 70 to unlock it. Reapers are a very unique DPS class in that it appears they can summon an "Avatar from the void" to join in the battle, effectively making them another pet-based class similar to the Summoner. Reapers can also serve as a host for their Avatar, making them stupidly strong and capable of doing big damage.

Square Enix released a special video showing the Reaper in action, which you can watch above. Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker will be arriving this fall. 

Steven Messner

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