Meet the Sage, a rad new healer coming with Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker

Final Fantasy 14's latest expansion Endwalkers is coming in Fall 2021, confirmed during today's showcase. New jobs were rolled into the announcement, two of which are arriving with Endwalkers, but we only got a close look a the new healer class, the Sage. 

The Sage fights with a rad ether-imbued weapon, the Nouliths, which are four levitating blades the healer maneuvers around to slash at enemies, fire off magic spells or augmentations, or to create protective barriers around teammates. The Nouliths are also original to Final Fantasy 14, which is pretty novel considering how much is typically pulled from existing games. 

The Sage can protect the party with barriers summoned by the Nouliths, which could feature into FF14's tightly choreographed fights in pretty interesting ways. Bosses are already a team dance, so I'm curious to see how they're implemented. Should make for some complex timings and maneuvers. 


(Image credit: Square Enix)

The Sage will have no required class, but you will need the Endwalker expansion and to have one job already leveled to 70 or above if you want to give the job a spin.

Endwalker and FF14 6.0 will also mark a clearer distinction between pure healers and barrier healers. The distinction will feature in matchmaking as well. We're still waiting on what those changes will look like. 

Endwalker will feature another job, but no details were offered up today except that it's a DPS-focused melee class. Game director Naoki Yoshida, game director did return from the second showcase wearing a grim reaper shirt which had Steven going off in the Slack about a Neuromancer class, but we'll get a confirmation in May at the Final Fantasy fan festival. 

James Davenport

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