Final Fantasy 14 is shaking up its usual Moogle tomestone events by adding both weekly and event-long challenges

An image of a cute moogle in Final Fantasy 14, posed on a sticker featuring various other characters to advertise the Moogle tomestone event.
(Image credit: Square Enix)

Final Fantasy 14's announced its next Moogle Treasure Trove event—for the uninitiated, these events help occupy players between major patches by giving them tomestones for specific activities. They can then spend those on glamour items, mounts, emotes, hairstyles, that sort of thing.

Unfortunately, this tends to result in players taking the path of least resistance—for instance, in 2021 I spent a quite frankly upsetting amount of time in The Binding Coil of Bahamut because it was the quickest way to get myself an inferno jacket. I'm not proud.

Luckily, FF14's upcoming hunt starting January 30 will be shaking things up. The First Hunt for Genesis introduces the Mogpendium, a little notebook where you can track what activities give tomestones. In addition, you'll also get two types of weekly challenges.

The first type is a standard Weekly Objective, which'll see you directed to one of the existing duties for a bonus batch of tomestones. This helps avoid the whole 'Binding Coil Prison' situation by giving you an incentive to do something that doesn't involve kicking an allagan orb in the (metaphorical) teeth on loop.

The second type are the Minimog Challenges, which seem pretty cryptic at first glance. Judging by the screenshots though—which seem to include the Great Hunt, Triple Triad, Fishing, and Treasure Maps—it'll be directing you to side activities out in the world.

There'll also be event-long Ultimog Challenges—I'm stumped as to what these'll be in particular, though Square's shared a "Claim Rewards" screen with a prompt to open the Duty Finder, so I'd wager these'll be rewards for going back and clearing harder Savage or Extreme content.

Honestly, this is a welcome shake-up. I've always enjoyed these events, but they've been vulnerable to players optimising the fun out of everything for themselves (me, I'm talking about me. I farmed two of those jackets for two different characters and I've still not forgiven myself). 

The First Hunt for Genesis begins January 30 and will run until March 11, though there'll be a second half to the event before Dawntrail makes its debut in the summer.

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