Final Fantasy 14 is getting the Dancer job, a race of lion bros and more

Final Fantasy 14 Fan Festival was full of reveals this weekend, with game director Naoki Yoshida dropping some big announcements during his keynote, now accompanied by a host of trailers. Check out the updated expansion trailer above. 

The viera aren't the only new race appearing in Shadowbringers, as they'll be joined by a bunch of big ol' lion dudes, the hrothgar. You'll only be able to play as a male, while the viera is a female-only race. There are male viera, and presumably female hrothgar, but apparently they're off doing something else.

Dancer is the second job being introduced by the expansion, along with the close-ranged, gunblade-wielding Gunbreakers. Dancers are a DPS class, using fancy moves and throwing weapons to murder enemies. You'll need to head to Limsa Lominsa at launch and start a quest to unlock this new job. 

You'll be able to hit up some new cities in Shadowbringers, too. There's Eulmore, a gorgeous, palatial city built on top of a huge slum. Sounds like a place ripe for revolution. You'll be visiting both the upper and lower city during the main storyline. 

The Crystarium seems a bit less problematic than Eulmore. It's a gorgeous city of glass and crystal and striking purple flora. Expect to spend quite a bit of time there, as it's the new hub. 

Along with a Nier-themed raid designed by Yoko Taro, Shadowbringers is also getting another raid, Eden, with Kingdom Hearts director Tetsuya Nomura designing a character and boss for it. 

Shadowbringers is shaping up to be a pretty hefty expansion, and it's due out on July 2.

Fraser Brown
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