Yoko Taro is making a Nier-themed Final Fantasy 14 raid

Above: Game director Naoki Yoshida revealing the new raid.

Several of the new raids coming in Final Fantasy 14's next expansion, Shadowbringers, will be created by Nier's game designer Yoko Taro and Dragon Quest producer Yosuke Saito, it was announced at FF14's fan festival in Paris today. The three raids are collectively called Yorha: The Dark Apocalypse, and will be themed directly after Nier: Automata, though it's unclear how the crossover will work exactly.

The Yorha: The Dark Apocalypse raids will be three of the new alliance raids in Shadowbringers—special kinds of raids that see three teams of eight work through the raid together. They're especially dramatic and fun, but this isn't the first time that Final Fantasy 14 has had legendary game designers help make a raid. During the current expansion, Stormblood, Final Fantasy Tactics creator Yasumi Matsuno created a raid themed after Ivalice, the world used in Tactics and Final Fantasy 12.

Details about how Yorha: The Dark Apocalypse will fit in with the FF14 mythos and when it will release are yet to be revealed. We will update this post when we know more, but for now check out the livestream above to watch the full reveal.

For more details on the announcement of Shadowbringers, read our news story here.

Steven Messner

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