Filthy Diablo 4 infinite spawn glitch makes it rain loot for as long as you want

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Update: And it's gone! Blizzard has issued a hotfix that stops cellar events from having infinitely respawning enemies.

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Original story: It doesn't matter how many nerfs Blizzard sends out, Diablo 4 players will find a way to squeeze as much XP and rare items out of the action RPG as possible.

The infinite spawn glitch might be the most blatantly broken XP and item farm in the game since launch. Depending on what class you play, you won't even have to move to make use of it.

Cellars are Diablo 4's bite-sized dungeons and probably the first thing you start to ignore as you progress through the game. Usually, they only have a few enemies in them or a random event that rewards you with a single chest. Compared to regular dungeons, they're rarely worth the time. Until now.

"Who said cellars are not worth it?" Reddit user Ryulen asked in their post showing off a room so full of items that you can't even see their character. The nine-second clip they shared has so many item names on screen that I feel like I'm reading a book.

Although they're not responsible for finding the glitch, Ryulen's clip is a peek at what you can do with the right event and the right timing in a cellar. The amount of XP and loot you can get is so high that I can't see Blizzard letting this go on for much longer.

As with any egregious glitch like this, use it knowing there's a risk Blizzard might suspend or ban your account for doing so. Otherwise, I'd only recommend doing this if you've finished the campaign and are trying to climb past level 50. Your character will need to be good at annihilating packs of enemies in a second or two to get this glitch to trigger.

Here's how to do it:

  1. Enter any cellar and check if it spawned an event with hostages to save
  2. If there isn't an event, reset it by logging in and out, or visit another cellar 
  3. If there is a hostage event, walk away and let the enemies kill the hostages (this makes the next step neater)
  4. Then, gather the enemies and wait for the last 5 seconds on the event timer
  5. Kill every enemy as soon as the timer hits 0
  6. If successful, the event will finish and spawn a chest, but enemies will now endlessly respawn

Some players say enemies started infinitely respawning when they killed the first pack at 2 or 3 seconds left on the event timer, but latency and character builds might be a factor. You should aim to wipe every enemy out as close to the end as possible. If you fail, you can always reset it or try it in another cellar.

Once you've created your own portal to Hell, you can farm these demonic crops for as long as you like. You're free to teleport back to town to manage your inventory, but just make sure to return within a few minutes so the cellar doesn't reset.

For now, the glitch remains unfixed. I'm sure it won't be long before Blizzard gets to it, especially considering that it's a straight up glitch and not another enemy density problem. Blizzard has pledged to make sure dungeons aren't more valuable to farm than participating in the RPG's endgame activities, like Helltides and Nightmare Dungeons, so clearly it’s not likely to let this stand for long.

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