FIFA 17 players invited to support Chapecoense team killed in plane crash

All but three members of Brazil's Chapecoense soccer team were killed in a plane crash earlier this week, while on their way to play a match in Colombia. In total, 71 of the 77 passengers who were on board died, following which Brazil declared three days of national mourning. 

As a response to the tragedy, Electronic Arts is now giving all FIFA 17 players a Chapecoense kit and crest so they can pay their own tribute to the club in-game. 

A message sent to players, posted on Imgur (via Reddit), says:

In Support of Chapecoense

Wear this kit and crest in support of the friends, family, and fans of Chapecoense. 

Vista esse uniforme e escudo em apoio aos amigos, familiares e fãs da Chapecoense.   

Força Chape

It's a small gesture, but giving fans the ability to show their support is admirable. Atletico Nacional, the team that Chapecoense was meant to play in the finals of the Copa Sudamericana tournament, has asked South America's governing body to award the title to the Brazilian team "in posthumous homage to the victims of the tragic accident."

Andy Chalk

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