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Fez is free on the Epic Games Store, two more freebies coming next week

It's time for your weekly(ish) free game alert: Fez, the colorful 2D puzzle game with three dimensions, is now free for the week on the Epic Games Store.

Fez is a game about a little marshmallow-headed guy named Gomez who is shocked to discover that two-dimensional world in which he lives is actually only one side of four sides of a world with depth. Puzzles are solved by rotating the world's sides to align its portals and platforms. It's odd but really good: We hit it with a 90/100 review in 2013 and five years later, it still shone as a "stunning puzzle platformer with one of the best soundtracks in games."

And it's free, which as I always like to say it a big plus. Get it here.

Next week, Epic is going back to two giveaway games: The haunting puzzle platformer Inside, and because it's M-rated and thus not available to EGS users with parental controls enabled, the indie pixel platformer Celeste.