Fortnite taps Ferrari for its first licensed car

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Ferrari, the 80-something-year-old company that makes luxury cars that are probably more expensive than your entire house, is joining up with Fortnite for the first crossover of its kind. Based on some official teasers from both the Fortnite and Ferrari Twitter accounts, it looks like players will be able to drive Ferrari’s 296 GTB model in-game starting tomorrow.

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Here’s a real-life Ferrari 296 GTB if you want to see what you'll be driving. The real car boasts a number of stats I can't begin to understand, like a turbocharged V6 engine and an electric motor for 818 horsepower. What I do know is the 296 GTB was announced earlier this year, and starts at around $330,000. If all you can afford is your home's wifi, check out Ferrari's car configurator to see all the bells and whistles you can put on it. The 296 GTB is due out in 2022.

(Image credit: Epic Games)

What makes this slightly more interesting than the latest Fortnite skin is that, well, it’s the first time Fortnite has ever done a crossover with a brand that isn’t a movie, comic book, another videogame brand, or a celebrity like Bugha, Neymar Jr., or LeBron James.

Ferrari actually does have an esports division, which kicked off in 2019, where they host digital racing competitions in sim driving games like Asseto Corsa. There are tournaments, big prize pools, and even an official Ferrari team lineup. Not a bad fit for Fortnite, which does similar stuff within its own esports division.

Fortnite introduced driveable cars into battle royale back in Chapter 2 Season 3, back when Epic flooded the map and gradually receded the water to make room for more road-raging antics. That said, none of its vehicles (including a souped-up sports car, a semi-truck, sedans, and pickup trucks) were based on any real-world models.

It’s easy to think of a Ferrari executive clasping their hands together somewhere, gloating about how early the company can now build brand loyalty. Luxury brands getting into videogames isn’t an entirely new concept, as evidenced by Louis Vuitton making a carrying case for League of Legends’ Summoners’ Cup, along with a clothing lineup. Rather than waiting for adults with too much money on their hands to buy enormous PC racing rigs, Ferrari can get kids (and a multitude of adults) playing Fortnite more familiar with their lineup. At least now kids will have a fighting chance to save up for a Ferrari by the time they’re 60 years old.

My bet is that the Ferrari will handle similar to Fortnite’s current sports car: Lightning fast on paved roads, but sketchy on grass and dirt. Thankfully, when Fortnite's Ferraris light on fire, you can rest assured it’s because someone is shooting at you.

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