Feb 18 release date for Danganronpa

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The long-awaited high school murder mystery Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc will release on PC February 18. That's a bit more useful than the vague, hand-wavey window of 'February' we had before (opens in new tab). It'll set you back $30, but judging by tales from far-flung console lands it's rather good, like Agatha Christie meets animatronic teddy bears bumping off students.

Andy will have a rather more comprehensive account of Danganronpa ready for you later this month—he's already penned an overview (opens in new tab) if my description failed to enlighten. The quality of the port should be prime concern for Spike Chunsoft, which has indicated that Danganronpa 2 and a host of Japanese imports will be finding their way to the PC (opens in new tab) in the near future. It wouldn't do to get off on the wrong foot.

Buy Danganronpa in its first week of release and you'll get the limited-edition soundtrack thrown in. It might sound like a toddler stuck in an orchestra pit for all I know, but oooo, free stuff!