Farming Simulator 17 announced

Farming Simulator 17

You could 'simulate' my experience of farms by sniffing a couple of trainers covered in sheepshit, but for actual land-owners, I hear farming is often much more involved. It involves animals and crops and tractors and other big wheely things, and all four should appear in the latest in Giants' long-running simulation series. Which is to say, Farming Simulator 17 has been announced for release at the end of this year.

It's one of those announcements that tells you nothing, nothing beside the title and a vague release date, but I think we can reasonably surmise from the sole image, above, that 17 will follow the same theme as the previous games. I don't know farming equipment, but Giants clearly does, even if its games haven't impressed us in the past.

Apparently, we'll learn more about Farming Sim 17 at this year's annual 'What's Next [for publisher] Focus Home Interactive' press event, which doesn't have a 2016 date yet that I can find.

Anyway, here's a recent trailer for the 'Gold' edition of FS15:

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