Where to find a twin-seat attack plane and other special vehicles in Far Cry 5

Heading off the beaten path to track down Hope County’s many Prepper Stashes in Far Cry 5 is a profitable business. Each stash presents a short puzzle and a note hinting at how to get your hands on the goods, with the payoff lining your pockets with piles of cash and a set of perk magazines to unlock additional character bonuses. Three stashes in particular award a special vehicle for your efforts, and their custom looks easily complement any completionist’s garage. Make sure you stop by these three stashes as you search for silver bars or go after the Magnopulser, as they only take a few minutes to complete and are well worth the side trip.

Man Cave

Location: Holland Valley - Sunrise Threshing
2012 Kimberlite TCZ Custom Paint

The note for this Prepper Stash sits in plain sight at Sunrise Threshing southeast of Fall’s End. It’s a straightforward journey by car or foot, but keep aware of cult traffic on the road if you haven’t liberated the region yet. You’ll likely have to clear out a sniper and a couple gunmen around the farm. Read the note resting beside a stack of metal girders and a sleepy gentleman catching a lazy afternoon sun, nothing to see here.

Climb the red-roofed shed near the smoking pickup truck’s front. Hop across both adjacent silos so you can take the zip line across to the fenced garage. Make sure to drop into the enclosed yard from the roof you land on, otherwise you’ll have to clamber back to the zipline again if you take an early tumble.

Shoot the padlock off the yard’s wooden gate. Grab the weatherbeaten truck sitting just outside and reverse it into the yard so it connects to the small cart. Pull forward to uncover the hatch the cart was resting on. You don’t have to fully remove the cart to expose the hatch, so don’t worry if it doesn’t come cleanly out of the yard.

Descend into a small underground bunker. Climb the far ladder to at last reach the garage interior and your new steel warhorse. Be sure to grab the perk magazines and cash piles closeby before thundering away in the swank custom 2012 Kimberlite TCZ truck you’ve just unlocked. Watch the paint; that ‘Murican decal looks tough to stick on without ripping.

Hangar Pains

Location: Whitetail Mountains - Lansdowne Airstrip
Reward: “Pack Hunter” Plane

You can find the Lansdowne Airstrip northeast of the F.A.N.G. Center in the Whitetail Mountains. 

The note sitting atop the blue tool cart near the hangar’s sealed door describes some embarrassing technical difficulties but also clues you in to a rooftop entrance. There’s no ladder for a quick solution, but luckily, getting airborne in Far Cry 5 is just as easy as taming a bear with fast food.

Pick your mode of aerial insertion. If you have the Airdrop perk unlocked, you can simply fast travel to the airstrip and parachute onto the roof. Or use the Grapple perk to climb the radar tower to the south and wingsuit onto the hangar like the majestic sugar glider you are. If you’re fat with cash, zip over to the helipad in the hills to the southeast (it’s near the Haskell Lookout Tower) and purchase some rotors to arrive on the hangar roof in comfortable style. 

Drop down the skylight, and you’ll likely thunk onto the wing of your crimson prize. Be sure to pick up the hunting magazine and Cheeseburger bobblehead from the nearby table and shelves. Check near the plane’s tail for perk magazines, ammo, and crafting materials. Head to the small office area at the hangar’s far end for a desk topped with bundles of cash. Finally, hit the switch in the hangar’s northwest corner to open the skies to your new wings. 

Bullets, bombs, rockets, and a sweet paint job. If you’re playing with a buddy or bringing along a two-legged companion, they can ride gunner in the backseat.


Location: Henbane River - McCallough’s Garage
1973 Pygmalion SSR

Find McCallough’s Garage in the southeast section of the Henbane River region, a short northeast drive up the road from the Nolan’s Fly Shop outpost. Be cautious, as some cultists might be hanging around the garage.

Head inside the garage’s office to spot the stash note beside a cash register. Tear your gaze away from the hot wheels taunting you beyond the barred windows and exit the office through the backdoor. Look left and shoot the planks to open up an access into the garage bay. Head inside and hit the garage door opener. The car will roll off its perch and free up enough space for you to squeeze inside.

Return outside and around to the garage’s front, where you can shoulder past the rack and boxes to a crate-filled room. Turn left, hop up on the crates, and turn right to crouch underneath a workbench. Fend off the wolverine assassin, and snag the key card from the toilet. You can backtrack through the crates, but look up for a quicker exit via the skylight. Hop onto the two stacked crates adjacent to the restroom and shoot the skylight’s padlock.

Drop down and return to the garage office, swiping your keycard on the locked double doors. Grab the cash, perk magazines, and other usual stash items before claiming the slick 1973 Pygmalion SSR. It’s an unspoken rule to first don the accompanying “Getaway” sunglasses in the customization menu before even turning the key on this baby.

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