Far Cry 5 season pass includes zombies, Mars, the Vietnam War, and Far Cry 3

The Far Cry 5 season pass will take players to some unusual places, and I'm not talking about deep-fried testicle festivals or forbidden bovine love. (Sorry, James.) I mean it in a very literal sense. It will include three separate adventures, each with a "unique Far Cry twist," featuring time travel, zombies, and a journey to another world. 

First up is Hours of Darkness, in which players will travel back to the Vietnam War to do battle against Viet Cong soldiers. Next is Dead Living Zombies, a desperate stand against the undead hordes in a variety of b-movie situations. And finally, there's Lost on Mars, an "everyone fights, no-one quits" jam with the spiders from Mars.   

The pass also includes a trip to a completely different game, that being Far Cry 3. PS4 and Xbox One owners will actually get the single-player only Far Cry 3 Classic Edition, but for us it's the standard edition on Steam

Ubisoft also dropped a new trailer reiterating the story behind the game: A small town in Montana is taken over by a heavily armed religious cult, and it's up to you and a handful of locals (and some well-behaved animals) to sort things out. 

I struggle a bit with the awkward dichotomy between the presented-as-serious treatment of religious extremism in middle America, and pulverizing panicked doofuses with supercharged farm implements, but the Far Cry formula is tried-and-true, and if nothing else it looks like it'll be some silly shooting fun.

Ubisoft didn't say anything about standalone season pass pricing, but the standard edition of Far Cry 5 is $60/£40/€60 on Steam, while the Gold Edition goes for $90/£75/€90, so we can probably extrapolate from there. Far Cry 5 comes out on March 27. If you haven't seen the system requirements yet, click here.

Andy Chalk

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