Players are searching for Bigfoot in Far Cry 5 (Updated)

Based on clues found in Far Cry 5, some players think Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch or Squatchy, might be in the game somewhere, and we think so too. Below, we're keeping track of the efforts to find the mythical creature, and updating when we find more.

Update 1: Some new developments! On Reddit, Munchedyomomma posted an image of some Bigfoot footprints (bigfootprints?) found at Lookout Point, which is a location along the route of the Gone Squatchin' prepper quest. Here's the image: 

Posted by Munchedyomomma on Reddit 

If you enlarge that image, you can see pretty clearly four Sasquatch footprints. Exciting! However, I went back to that same location today, and I don't see any footprints at all:

Now it's possible these footprints only show up when you're in the middle of the Gone Squatchin' quest, as Munched was at the time (you can see the quest is active in the upper left-hand corner of their screenshot). Maybe these footprints disappear once you've completed the mission, as I have (and maybe I just didn't notice them while I was on the quest myself). Maybe not, though: Munched reports in a later post that they went back to the same spot after the quest and still saw the footprints there. It's interesting, anyway!

And even though I didn't see footprints, it can't be coincidence that at just that very moment I was there looking for the footprints, an NPC walked by and said this: 

"Feels like something's watching... I'm getting that Squatchy feelin'."

Naturally, I immediately added those two friendly fighters to my roster, in case they have anything else to say about Bigfoot, though others on Reddit have reported passing NPCs mentioning Sasquatch at various times, and in various spots, throughout the game.

A little later, the same NPC said she knew the guy (Dicky Dansky) who lived in the cabin, and that he talked about Bigfoot a lot.

There's also a part of a manuscript posted on the outhouse near Dicky's cabin that I  missed when I was completing the stash mission (I'm a pretty rotten investigator, I guess). In it, he mentions a summer camp experience he had:

A redditor named Vortilus surmised the camp Dicky is talking about might be a location in the game, and went to a spot called Breakthrough Camp, where trail is marked with a sign for canoeing. Dicky's manuscript mentions he used to take campers canoeing, and the marked trail at Breakthrough Camp points... directly toward the crop circle mentioned below.

You can see in my screenshot above, where I've marked the crop circle: it's barely 100 meters away. I think Vortilus definitely right, that was Dicky's camp. Excellent detective work.

Original story:  I've finished Far Cry 5's story missions—you can read my review here—but naturally there's still plenty to do in the open world of Hope County, Montana. While checking out a prepper stash in the northern region today, I found a cabin with a locked door and a note on it. A note mentioning a Sasquatch.

It wouldn't be a stretch for Ubisoft to have hidden Bigfoot in Far Cry 5: there was DLC for Far Cry 4 called Valley of the Yetis. And while I haven't found Far Cry 5's Bigfoot yet, I'll detail below what I have found. If you want to discover it all for yourself, consider this a spoiler warning.

The cabin I found is located in the Whitetail Mountains, directly west of Clagett Bay. If you can find Stone Ridge Chalet, and move west from there across the road, you'll find the cabin. Pinned to the locked door is a note that mentions finding 'proof of that squatch' and kicks off a prepper mission called 'Gone Squatchin.'

You're directed to follow the trail to the north to find Dicky, the owner of the cabin, and along the way there's blood. Lots of blood. Pools of blood. There's also some grappling points to scale up to the peak Dicky is on—I could have just taken my chopper but I was in a climbing mood. At the top, you'll find Dicky, sadly dead, the key to the cabin just inches from his outstretched hand, a dead deer that may have been dragged up the trail, and a small cave containing a few human skeletons.

There are a couple things here telling me this isn't the squatch's cave. First, it's tiny. I could barely squeeze in while crouching, and I guess I sort of always imagined that if Bigfoot did live in a cave it would be one with more headroom. And also, more stuff. Sasquatch stuff.

The other thing is a dead wolf is lying at the entrance to the cave. Now, possibly Bigfoot killed a deer, dragged it to the cave, killed a wolf, and killed Dicky. But I'm more likely to think that a wolf killed the deer and then attacked Dicky, and Dicky and the wolf were both mortally wounded. If there is a 'squatch in Far Cry 5, I don't think this cave is his home.

Returning to Dicky's cabin with his key, I found both his stash and his research on Bigfoot sightings in Hope County in the form of a giant map.

There's also a plaster cast of a Sasquatch footprint on the table:

The map does line up with your personal Hope County map, and you can see Dicky's map has a lot of notes on it: locations of Bigfoot sightings, news clippings, photos with red string leading to spots on the map, marks that seem to track Bigfoot's movements, locations of activity, question marks, and lots of Xs.

There are a number of spots to investigate, so I got in my chopper and flew to one marked with an asterisk, which also has a red string leading to it from a photo and a newsclipping about a sighting. I got to the spot, and while Bigfoot didn't rush out and greet me, it was hard to not notice it's the site of a small crop circle:

I landed nearby, got out, walked over, and was immediately attacked by a wolverine. Of course. Unsure of how one summons a Bigfoot to a crop circle, I threw some bait into the center of it, but that only summoned a bear. I tried a few more times in various spots, but only attracted more bears and wolverines. At one point I heard an explosion, but it was just a couple of angry bison who had apparently rammed my parked helicopter. Ah, Far Cry 5.

I visited another spot on the map (with a fresh chopper) where some Bigfoot footprints were supposedly once found, but didn't find anything of interest there.

That's the extent of my investigation so far, but I plan to keep looking for Bigfoot, and we're sure some of you will too. Reddit is on the case, naturally, so we can assume it won't be long until he's found. We'll update this post with any further clues or progress we come across.

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